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Are You The Ugh

Google Chat has a new sketch feature. I hovered my mouse over the text box and saw a pencil, and then I sketched, and this happened:

It's supposed to be the sun peeking out over the mountains. But it looks like an alien spider under attack by minions of the letter M. I'm not exactly competition for akatnamedeaster , am I?

I'm in a dark place this morning. I feel like there is no hope for the future of humanity. My big mistake is, I started the morning with an episode of the MTV reality show, Are You The One?. If you're one of the lucky ones and have never seen it, it's about ten "guys" and ten "gals" who are perpetually unlucky in love due to being fatuous, overbearing, shallow, spoiled, alcoholic morons, from what I can tell. Anyway, MTV corrals these morons together in one house in Hawaii, informs them one member of the other gender is their Perfect Match, and gives them twelve weeks (episodes) to sort it out for a cash prize.

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Plus sizes and podcasts

The sidebar on my livejournal Friends Feed includes blog posts from sites that pay to advertise there. So far, the only blog that has ever shown up is Oh No They Didn't!, a gossip site. Once in a while I see something click-worthy.Read more...Collapse )

Dinner and a Sweater

Went out to dinner last night with my daughter and her boyfriend. We went to some Italian franchise that's become really popular. Their gimmick is, certain meals on the menu include a second portion that is already boxed and ready to take home. You order your "today" meal and your "tomorrow" meal in one transaction. It's clever. Some of us couldn't even finish our today entrees, so we brought a lot home. And I learned again that it's not economical to order wine with my meal, let alone two glasses of it. Why do I do it? Because it's fun and I can afford it at the beginning of the month, oh yeah. But it's home cooking and iced tea again until October, folks.

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Going bump in the night

Halloween is my favorite, favorite holiday. And now tamlane has set up an open, unmoderated collection on AO3 for Halloween-themed Harry Potter prompts and fanworks. You can leave a prompt (or 50), or take one and run with  it. The only rule is, it has to be somehow related to Halloween and the Harry Potterverse. Click here to check it out!


The HP Interhouse Promptfest has begun! Prompts are open for claiming until September 7. And people, there are well over 300 prompts to choose from. Seriously. Go and have a look. I didn't contribute any prompts, but lots of them look intriguing. I'm not sure how I'll pick a favorite!

The house meme

I enjoyed reading the "What's in your home?" meme, as performed by akatnamedeaster and also reynardo . I think I'll take a crack at it, too. None of you knows what my home is like, apart from the Desk of Doom.

1. What kind of soap is in your bathtub right now?

In the shower, it's Dove, Dove, and Dove. We're brand-loyal.

2. Do you have any watermelon in your refrigerator?

Watermelon is the devil, so no.

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That was fun. Who's next?


The gift of drabble

A few days ago, the incomparable iulia_linnea offered to write HP drabbles for anyone who prompted her. I was very excited today to see the one she wrote for me! It features my OTP, a rarepair that has no business being so rare, dammit. I mean, what's that about? They're perfect for one another. Anyway, go and read this seriously sexy thing: No Real Rhyme or Reason. (Also on AO3)


Unwholesome thoughts

  • I'm on a holy mission to remove all memes and motivational posters from my personal Facebook feed. All I want to see on Facebook are my friends' own personal pictures, stories, and opinions on the day's news. I never noticed until now, how many American radio stations have FB accounts. I've probably clicked "Hide all from _____" a thousand times--and it has made a difference, truly!--but still they come, a never-ending avalanche of minions and Ram Dass quotes.

  • Meanwhile, on Tumblr, not only is my feed filled with memes, I subscribe to people who create them. I actively reblog them. That might make me kind of a hypocrite, or it might mean I want what I want, where I want it.

  • The rumor is, Netflix will announce the renewal of their series Sense8 on Saturday, August 8 (which is a significant date for the show's characters, not to get too spoilery). And speaking of Tumblr, I'm here to say if they don't renew this series, I predict Tumblr fangurls will have an absolute meltdown, me included.

  • So, my lawn is dead. Dead, dead, dead. Dead as folk music, as they used to say before Fleet Foxes Iron and Wine turned up. It's unbelievably depressing to look at--and of course, we look at it multiple times a day. What should be done with this expanse of dirt and yellow grass?

  • Groom and I are hosting the book club this Saturday. Last I heard, 18 people had committed to attending. Our little living room will be crammed to the limit. Why hasn't anyone invented bunk couches? You could stack two couches and seat twice as many people along one wall. Someone invent this, please! And send it to me before Saturday.

Jul. 30th, 2015

Home again! And just in time for a terrible heat wave. Temperatures here in the valley are in the hundreds (Fahrenheit). It was 106 yesterday. Today is only supposed to reach 103, which has everyone joking that we'll need to take along sweaters.

During the drive to Tahoe, with my daughter at the wheel, I was reading mail on my phone. I read out loud a very nice comment I'd just received for one of my stories, Hyperbole. She expressed some polite interest, which led to my giving her a little background on the story. To my surprise, she really wanted to hear the whole thing, so I spun an entire synopsis. And she really liked it, or at least my telling of it. However, she did disapprove of Hermione Granger winding up with anyone but Ron Weasley. She's a diehard canon fan, and in the end, can't understand why we'd pair Hermione with anyone else. We mutually agreed she shouldn't trouble herself with fanfiction at this point in life. 

Fill of Family

(Sorry in advance for any bad spag. On my phone just now.)

No one else wanted to window shop in Tahoe City, and i didn't want to sit on the back porch and get high, so here i am, by myself, out and about. Happy i found a delicious veggie burrito at this out of the way place. It has zero ambience, but it seems like the place the locals come to when they want to get away from us noisy tourists, LOL.

We had a brutal hail storm a couple of days ago! There was something romantic about sitting at the window, watching the ice pile up under the pine trees.

Tomorrows our last day. Trying to decide between swimming and a hike. What a life, eh?