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Alright August

I, for one, am glad to see the back of ye.

My father in-law, who had been in hospice, passed away on the 11th, as I've mentioned. And while I was spending time with that family, my own mother went into the hospital with what turned out to be major arterial blockage. I've spent time every weekend traveling down to see her, to take her to the doctor and make sure she's taking her new meds. And then yesterday evening, my husband had to go to the emergency room. We didn't get home from there until 11 p.m. (He's good now, fyi. Diabetes sucks.)

So I've spent enough time in hospitals for a while. September, you're welcome to lighten the mood a little, okay?


An eventful week, featuring parents

My father in-law, Buddy, passed away last Monday. He was 90, and had been living in hospice for the last six or seven weeks.

You know how your life seems predictable and routine for weeks and weeks, and then one week, All The Things happen? That was - or rather is - our week.

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Reveal your secrets, O Promptfest

Well, that was a very exciting sshg_promptfest, full of drama, mystery and fun. Thanks, iulia_linnea, for all your hard work and temperance.

Now that reveals are up, I see that shiv5468 wrote the fic I loved so much, based on my prompt. Go read The Luck of the Draw, if you haven't yet. As far as fanfiction goes, Shiv's writing is peerless.

I wrote The Angel Investor, which was based on a prompt from dreamy_dragon73. She wanted a fic based on the great screwball comedies. I hope I did the job credibly! In any event, I had a great time watching My Man Godfrey and His Gal Friday on YouTube in order to gather inspiration.

And I was excited to receive custom-made icons from pearle9240, based on my fic! Thank you, Pearle (may I call you Pearle?), for your thoughtful gesture. You even remembered the green stripes on the awning. I love them!



Dear Teddy,

Happy Birthday! You add color and creativity and inspiration and joy to my life and those around you. You teach us so much, dear. I'm proud to know you and call you friend.

And now, there's a certain Potions master who is waiting to speak to you about a certain book you wrote ...


The Promptfest abides!

Hey, one of the prompts I submitted for the sshg_promptfest was selected and subsequently written. And wow, is it terrific! The writer, whoever s/he is, has brought forth a wonderfully clever, witty, romantic story. I've already read it three or four times today and I'm still grinning! If you haven't yet, go and read The Luck of the Draw.

As a matter of fact, I hope you're keeping up with the Promptfest already, because there are some wonderful new stories, with more sure to follow during the rest of the month.


Silence is golden

Waiting (im)patiently for the sshg_promptfest to begin posting July 1? Looking for something new to do? Interested in a fest that will challenge you as a fiction writer?

Silencio wants you!

Prompts may be claimed this week! Go check it out.

1) a maximum word count of 5k, so you don't have to be tempted to write a multichap.
2) You may rise to the challenge of writing a story with absolutely no dialogue.
3) It's a fairly small fest in terms of participants.
4) You have until August 31 to finish, yeah, woop.
5) If you need your piece beta'd, and your regular beta is on summer vacation, I will do it. Just trying to give back to the community.

To make things more interesting, teddyradiator and I picked each other's prompts. The one I gave her was non-Snape (I know, right?), and she tells me she's already deep into it. And the one she picked for me is ... different ...



Groom: Don, do you want to watch 'The Untouchables'?
Dad: No, I'm sorry, that's too violent.
Groom: Lord of the Rings?
Me: Um, that's still too violent for my dad. Dad, how about Harry Potter? All of us are kind of into it.
Dad: Oh, I've always wanted to see that.
Groom: Are you sure?
Dad: Sure!


Disk 1: HP and the Sorcerer's Stone
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I must have accidentally spoken aloud my wish for a new hobby, because the universe answered and a potential hobby has come to find me.

Is anyone here involved in genealogy? It looks fun. What are your experiences? Is it really possible to get all the way back to the Mayflower, as it were?


Crazy May

May, being the end of the academic year, is a crazy month even in normal years. But this year, my girl graduates from high school! Every day, it seems, brings with it a new social or musical engagement, quite apart from finals. Seniors are all given quite a long, involved, emotion-laden send-off at this school, as if they're all being sacrificed in volcanos instead of just enrolling in community college.

Graduation is tomorrow evening. Today, my dad flies in from the East Coast, and more family will show up in the afternoon. The weekend is shaping up to be fairly well-programmed. Finally next Monday, I can go back to work and get some sleep.


All things beta

I'm in the process of beta'ing a third piece for the sshg_promptfest. All of them have been/are terrific. You people are in for a very good fest, if these three are any indication!

As for me, my piece is done and has been farmed out. I'll send it in with time to spare. Nice to be on time! If only I could learn this trick when I write for my job.

I am at that low point in the fanfic writing process where, whenever I think about my piece, I shake my head, my shoulders hunch and my eyebrows go all whooshy. When I get to this low point, I reassure myself of my minimum standards: 1) I had fun writing it, and 2) I believe it meets the prompter's requirements. Anything more will be gravy.

This month, I resigned my post as validator at Hawthorn and Vine. After two years (or was it more?), I feel I learned everything I set out to learn. It's time to give over my evenings to family activities. It was a very interesting time, and the other volunteer staff are awesome. If you ever want to read or write a Dramione, I encourage you to head over there.